Growing Pains (Get it?)

My 5 Favorite Flowers

Since I'm planning the fall garden (meaning, flowers I plant in the fall for spring blooms), I've had to consider what did well for me last year and what didn't.  There's fantasy and then there's reality, and much of the garden isn't always Instagram perfect. Sort of like boyfriends. There's the profile, and then there's the guy who actually shows up on your date. They're not always the image they present. 

So, if these flowers were on (does that reference date me? I don't think people use websites anymore, am I right?) I would say these flowers are as cute as their profile.

1) Anemones:  I've planted these lovely little corms 3 years in a row and they have never let me down. I've planted Coronaria de Caen, St. Brigid, and some variety I got from Floret Flower that had HUGE stems. I just plop them in the ground, cover them with soil, and watch the magic happen. No babying required. They also start producing in February (for me) and keep the blooms coming for months. 

2) Daffodils: Like Anemones, these flowers are so low-maintenance, it's ridiculous. One of my favorite varieties is Erlicheer, an incredibly early-bloom daff that smells amazing. It has a very short stem, so it's not necessarily idea for cutting, but it's well worth growing. 

3) Cornflowers:  Who doesn't love Cornflower blue? It's perhaps the quintessential color of spring. Just direct sow these seeds in the fall, and you can have them as early as the beginning of March. They're also incredibly cold hardy, and they're like the Energizer Bunny of blooming.  

4) Larkspur:  Despite the fact that my chickens scratched most of my larkspur up this past year, I loved what I got! I didn't think I would like such a tall flower, but they germinate so easily, and the Sublime Azure variety was the perfect purple for spring. This year, I'm looking forward to trying Smoky Eyes and Earl Grey.

5) Poppies:  Poppies have to be my all-time favorite flower. While not exactly the best for cutting, they are so easy to grow and I love have absolutely how over-the-top tacky some of them are. They also seem to thrive in poor soil. Just scatter the tiny seeds in the middle of winter and by May, you'll have 4 foot plants of absolutely gorgeous flowers in your yard without any effort at all.