Hi! I’m Adrienne Williams. I’m so glad you’re here.

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I’m an Atlanta-based floral designer who believes beautiful, custom, garden-inspired designs should be available to everyone.

I know that not every bride needs, or can afford, a full-service florist. You know you want beautiful flowers, but you’ve realized that pulling them together the week of your wedding might be more complicated than you realize. Who wants to spend the night before their wedding trying to design 20 centerpieces or create a Pinterest-worthy bouquet for your special day when you’ve never done that before? (No pressure!) You’d like to keep your wedding as simple and stress free as possible. You’re not looking for hanging installations or large arbors, you’d just like to have beautiful centerpieces you can easily pop on the tables or maybe just a simple bouquet and boutonniere for your elopement. If you’re looking for a way to simplify your wedding flowers and eliminate a little stress, I can help you.

When I’m not playing with flowers, I spend my time with my husband, Daniel and our puppy, Nahum. I’m also passionate about my home and garden. You can usually find me moving plants around the yard, taking care of my small cut-flower garden, as well as breeding new varieties of tomatoes. Previously, I worked as a decorative painter, and have an MA in the History of Decorative Arts (which is a fancy way of saying antiques.)